Not following YouTube’s policies accordingly was a headache for content creators, but not anymore as YouTube has made its policies flexible for the usage of profanity for its user.

According to Gamespot, YouTube will also allow its user to make contents such as “recreational drugs and drug-related content,” “documentary or news content that may include violent interactions with law enforcement,” and “controversial issues where non-graphic, objective discussions of controversial issues are present in the video.” in addition to profanity.

“Based on creator and advertiser input, we’ve updated our guidelines to allow more content to become eligible for full monetization (green icon) while continuing to maintain advertiser industry standards,” YouTube said in a policy update on Tuesday.

In addition to it content creators can create content that include adult themes “delivered through the context of humor,” such as romance and dating jokes.

Also the platform has provided details regarding the content topics that won’t be included in monetized videos such as including Adult content, harmful or dangerous acts, and firearms-related content.

These addition in YouTube policies were made when United States continues to grapple with sensitive issues. Those include police brutality and drug legalization.

YouTube took down around 11.4 million videos between April and June in 2020 because of violence related content.

Image credits: Techjuice

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