Russian state media channels

In the recent times Ukraine invasion by Russia, Google-owned YouTube has declared to stop running advertisements on its channels from Russian state media channels and certain other accounts included in sanctions over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. YouTube representative Farshad Shadloo said in a statement, “we will continue to monitor new developments and may take further actions.” 


YouTube Bans Ads from Russian State Media Channels 


Moreover, YouTube has stated that it will restrict access to state-funded RT, previously known as Russia Today, and “several other channels” in Ukraine, YouTube said in its statement. Additionally, it will also restrict the ways its system suggests those videos to viewers. YouTube is massive in Russia, where several media networks and people connected to the Kremlin use the platform. RT bills itself as the biggest TV network on YouTube. Stopping ads of Russian state media channels pauses the channels’ capacity to monetize. 


Google and the video platform have encountered criticism for hosting and running ads on the Russian state media channels. Russian courts-imposed fines against Google after the company blocked a YouTube channel affiliated with the Kremlin. The European Union declared new punishments for Moscow on Sunday for its invasion of Ukraine, including a ban on state-owned Russian media companies Sputnik and RT.


Russia Will Partially Limit Facebook in the Country


Furthermore, Meta said last week it will fact-check and label posts from Russian state-owned media organizations. The Russian government stated it would partially limit Facebook in the country as a result. The corporation also recognized several Ukrainian public figures whose accounts were compromised by Ghostwriter, a known threat actor with a history of spreading Kremlin-friendly propaganda.


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Source: The Verge 


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