Whenever the investment plan comes to mind, it becomes difficult to decide whether crypto or stocks will be the best option for investment. So before starting this let’s understand cryptocurrency first. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency whose existence is possible on the base of blockchain technology and purchase with BTC. The cryptographic technique used to cross the transactions done by the investors and consumers have reproduced the word crypto. No intermediates like a bank or a group of people are required for these techniques because their motive is to gain high profits in crypto without third-party existence. Further, you can visit Bitcoin Evolution.

Although crypto prices keep on increasing or decreasing which create a risk factor somehow and can become a reason for a significant loss or gain.  Therefore, before investing in any of the trading fields, learn about their basic concepts.

About Cryptocurrency

If your vision is clear about the cryptocurrencies out of thousands of its versions, where you make up your mind to invest money. That will be more beneficial for you. As new cryptocurrencies have been introduced in the market daily. But the comparison is not equal.


When a company has more than one owner, the company fraction is distributed among several owners; that fraction is known as stock or share. Stocks are meant to be bought or sold on a stock exchange platform to earn profit. And that profit is divided between the shareholders of the company. The popular platform for exchange is the New York stock exchange and London Stock. When stocks are going on the profit side for a long period then it becomes an appealing investment for the people. Given earning a profit, people sell their stocks if the value of the stock increases in the market. On the other hand, if stock value decreases in the market, they prefer to buy those stocks to sell them after increasing their value again in the market. This is how stocks run and investors take risks with their investments which can go up and down anytime in the exchange market.

History of stocks and cryptocurrency

The history behind the stock and stock exchange started a long period when the stock exchange was set up in 1611. It was on the Amsterdam stock exchange. Late on in 1793 and 1699, the London and New York stock exchange was started with some advancement in the stock exchange. After that, the stock exchange became famous worldwide. They were. Like strong pillars of the finance market. The London stock exchange executes millions of transactions in a single day. And the count is double in the case of the New York stock exchange although the investment may occur sometimes more or less stocks always return a beneficial side. Crypto is somehow different from the stock market. It was started in 2009 via a person named Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper on bitcoin in 2008. People’s interest tends toward cryptocurrency with a greater speed. From 2020 to 2021 bitcoin’s transactions vary between 3 to 4 lacs on daily basis along with Ethereum whose count reached to million transactions per day in August 2021.

Price volatility in digital world

The price volatility of the asset fluctuates within the period. Highly volatile assets can give big returns in terms of profit whereas low-volatile assets are more stable than others. However, cryptocurrency is more volatile as compared to stocks. As big companies invest in crypto with a large count of coins, when this crypto value suddenly drops, it becomes more vulnerable to investors. Hence it should be in mind before investing in crypto that even investments considered less volatile like stocks, but how long it will continue is also unexpected in both crypto and stock cases.

Regulation for both scenarios

As per the government interference, the stock market is directly correlated with the government as the administrative bodies such as SECI in United State has the power to investigate the stock market trend and have the authority to give punishment for any illegal act whereas this is not possible in the case of cryptocurrency. This is because cryptocurrency is decentralised and unregulated. Therefore regulations cannot supervise both types of trading at equal levels.

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