WhatsApp has finally launched the native macOS app in a public beta, previously available to a limited number of people with

Meta-owned instant messaging platform, WhatsApp is now introducing a new feature for multi-device usage. In the next update, WhatsApp will let you chat with yourself on linked devices. Being able to chat with yourself helps if you want to quickly save some important information that you will use later via linked devices.

WhatsApp Brings Another New Option to Multi-Device Option

One of the missing features of multi-device is the ability to send messages to yourself from linked devices. In fact, some people were used to sending messages to themselves by opening the chat with their own phone number for several reasons, for example, to save something important. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible when using multi-device because the chat with their own phone number only shows up on the primary device but WhatsApp is finally developing a solution via linked devices to release in a future update of WhatsApp Desktop beta:

The chat can be searched in the list the same as any other contact or group. If you log in from another device, the chat stored in the database will be displayed completely. In addition, if you delete the message from your primary device, it will be removed from the other linked devices as well. It’ll be the same when clearing chat or other media from the primary device which will also clear them from the linked devices as well. 

Users Can Now Create Broadcasts List on Linked Devices

Moreover, On iPhone, you can view live locations, and the option to create and broadcast lists on all the linked devices. The screenshot is taken from the WhatsApp beta where you can search and open it by tapping it. It’s not currently available on the public WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android but it will be coming soon. 

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