25th anniversary

The popular streaming service, Netflix is now celebrating its 25th anniversary of business, having grown to a massive media conglomerate with over 200 million subscribers across 190 countries and its own lineup of widely-popular original movies and television series, including Stranger Things, Squid Game, Black Mirror and more.


Netflix Took Back its Users to the Beginnings on its 25th Anniversary


To mark the 25th anniversary, Netflix offered fans a look back at its humble beginnings and a walk through its interesting history with a new animated nostalgia-packed video. The nostalgia-packed video shows what the original Netflix website looked like and how the company adapted when DVDs eventually became less relevant. The internet was booming by that point, and the company was able to pivot its focus to streaming online.


Moreover, these days Netflix, which boasts more than 220 million subscribers around the world, faces competition from Hulu, Amazon Prime, and countless other streaming services. Netflix honored its birthday on Monday by tweeting several interesting facts about its origins:


The Nostalgia-Packed Video Mentioned All the Great Works of Netflix


Furthermore, the nostalgia-packed video began by thanking subscribers for the company’s success, then flashed back to how it all began, with DVDs being sent in the mail. The video then flashes the titles of some of Netflix’s most beloved original programming, including the shows “Orange Is the New Black,” “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and “Grace and Frankie,” which became its longest-running series.


The entertainment giant also took credit for changing minds around the world by introducing viewers to new cultures, new foods, new trends, and new ideas. “Crazy things happen when the world watches stuff together,” explains the video’s narrator. The clip ends with the narrator once again thanking viewers for helping to turn Netflix into “something incredible.”


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