The famous instant messaging app, WhatsApp has started testing a new feature called ‘Video Upload Quality’ that allows users to share videos in high quality. This new is currently under development, hence it’s not available for the public yet.

The news was first reported by WABetaInfo stating that WhatsApp for Android beta version has been released with the feature called ‘Video upload quality’ that will enable people to decide which quality they want to choose for video sharing. An image shared by WABetaInfo hints that users would get ‘Auto (recommended)’, ‘Best quality’, and ‘Data saver’ as the three preset choices to pick from.

Furthermore, the ‘Auto (recommended)’ choice would distinguish the best compression algorithm for particular videos, while the ‘Best quality’ would be to order WhatsApp to post videos in their highest possible resolution. Whereas, the ‘Data saver’ option would be particularly for users who don’t have a high bandwidth system and are fine to share videos in their reduced size form.

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In addition, the company may present the announced feature under its Storage and data settings. It is further important to note that the feature is currently under development and is expected to be available through a future update.

Moreover, at this moment WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to send videos that are over 16MB in size, which is equal from about 90 seconds to three minutes, as confirmed by the company on its FAQ pages. However, it is unclear whether that size limit will remain to be in place when the latest high-resolution feature launches.

WhatsApp is also working on another feature that develops real-time waveforms in voice messages. The WhatsApp features tracker exhibits that WhatsApp will now begin showcasing real-time voice waveforms when you record a new voice message.

WhatsApp has temporarily approved waveforms for voice messages. The real-time waveforms will begin appearing when a user will record voice messages. The feature has been detected in the WhatsApp beta version for Android, and it is presently under development.

Source: Mashable 


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