Meta’s WhatsApp has introduced a security enhancement with its latest feature, the ‘WhatsApp secret code.’ This addition allows users to establish a unique password, providing an extra layer of protection for their locked chats; building upon the previously introduced ‘chat lock’ feature in May, this new secret code feature aims to make private conversations even more secure.

Security with the WhatsApp Secret Code Feature

With Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressing the importance of privacy in a blog post, the secret code feature aims to give users greater control over their locked chats. By setting a personalized passcode, users can ensure that their private conversations remain confidential, only accessible by entering the secret code in the search bar. This update significantly reinforces the security measures implemented by WhatsApp.

The secret code feature empowers users to craft a distinct password, separate from their phone unlock code, ensuring additional privacy. Users can choose to either hide the locked chats folder or keep it visible in the chatlist. The process of locking a new chat has been simplified with a long-press action, eliminating the need to navigate to chat settings. This feature allows users to customize their privacy settings according to their preferences.

Global Rollout of the Feature

WhatsApp has initiated the rollout of the secret code feature, which will reach global users in the coming days. The steps to use this feature are easy—users can hide the locked chats folder, establish a unique secret code, and access concealed chats by entering the code in the search bar.

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