Telegram, boasting 800 million monthly active users worldwide, is on a trajectory to emulate WeChat's super app strategy

Telegram has rolled out a new feature that allows all users, not just Premium subscribers, to transcribe voice messages. While the transcription of voice messages has been available for Telegram Premium users since last year, they are now being extended to free users on a restricted basis. Users can now convert up to two messages per week into text simply by tapping the →A icon on a voice message. It’s a notable move towards inclusivity, offering a valuable feature to a broader audience.

Limited Access to Transcription of Voice Messages for Free Users

Telegram’s decision to provide free users with the ability to transcribe two voice messages per week marks a departure from the previous exclusivity of this feature for Premium subscribers. The democratization of this transcription capability enhances the overall user experience, enabling a more diverse user base to benefit from the convenience of text-based communication within the platform.

In addition to the transcription update, Telegram aims to enhance channel discovery by offering users recommendations for similar public channels when they join a new one. These suggestions leverage similarities in subscriber bases and provide users with a more tailored and engaging experience. The feature aligns with Telegram’s commitment to catering to community connections and making content discovery easier.

Other Features Included in the Update

Beyond transcriptions and channel recommendations, Telegram introduces several other features in its latest update. Users can now include video comments or reactions with their stories, resembling a feature popularized by TikTok. Reposting others’ stories is simplified, and Premium users gain the ability to personalize profiles with unique color combinations. The platform also introduces the capability to apply custom wallpapers to individual chats, further allowing users to tailor their Telegram experience to their preferences.

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