Woman Steals iPhone14

The allure of the latest tech gadgets can sometimes lead people to extreme measures, and one recent incident involving a woman’s audacious theft of an iPhone 14 Plus has left the internet in awe. This peculiar case of iPhone 14 theft has garnered considerable attention, with a video capturing the daring act going viral. Have a look at the video:

Woman Steals iPhone14 in a Bold Heist

In the bustling province of Fujian, southeast China, a woman identified as Qiu committed an unusual theft that has left many scratching their heads. Her target? An iPhone 14 Plus, a highly coveted and expensive smartphone. Qiu’s audacious act involved chewing through the security cable meant to protect the valuable device. This jaw-dropping heist was captured on store surveillance cameras, leaving viewers in disbelief.

Qiu’s modus operandi was nothing short of daring. She approached the iPhone 14 Plus on display, seemingly like any other customer. Then, with apparent nonchalance, she reached over the counter, inspected the phone, and shockingly began to gnaw on the security cable. Her determination was evident as she bit off the cable entirely, concealed the stolen phone in her bag, and exited the store. All of this took place while she feigned casual interest in the phone, all to avoid suspicion.

iPhone 14 Theft: The Viral Sensation 

The audacious theft did not go unnoticed, the incident was recorded on camera and subsequently shared online, quickly going viral in China. The stolen iPhone 14 Plus was valued at 7,000 yuan (approximately 294,413 Pakistani rupees), making this theft all the more astounding. Despite an activated alarm during the theft, store employees took no immediate action, believing nothing was amiss. However, they soon realized the phone was missing, along with the chewed-off security cable, prompting them to call the police.

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