Punjab Police has now introduced the notion of issuing e-driving licenses to the citizens. Under the visionary leadership of Inspector General Dr. Usman Anwar, this digital innovation is expected to serve as a notable step forward in Pakistan’s approach to driver’s licensing; the holistic approach will ensure that not only the licensing process but also road safety itself is at the forefront of Punjab Police’s mission.

Convenience of E-driving Licenses

Punjab Police’s e-driving license initiative brings a new era of simplicity to the licensing process, for the first time in Pakistan, citizens can obtain their electronic driving license with ease. The process involves registering one’s national identity card and date of birth on the Punjab Traffic Police’s website, known as DLIMS (Driving License Issuance and Management System). This approach eliminates the need for extensive paperwork and long wait times, making licensing more accessible to all.

What sets the e-driving license apart is its digital nature. Upon successful registration, citizens receive a downloadable PDF version of their driving license. This digital format can be conveniently stored on a mobile device, ready for presentation during travels. Moreover, the e-driving license features a QR code, enabling traffic police to verify its authenticity swiftly. It encompasses essential details, including a color photograph, address, and license specifics, ensuring comprehensive identification and verification.

Accessibility and Safety

Under the leadership of IG Dr. Usman Anwar, Punjab Police has not only introduced the efficient digital licensing system but has also scaled up its efforts in license issuance. Over 3 million citizens have been provided with driving licenses in the current year alone, contemplating the commitment to meet the growing demand. The number of licensing centers across the province has also witnessed remarkable growth, surging from 45 to more than 200.

The success of this initiative is a testament to the dedication and performance of the traffic police and wardens. IG Dr. Usman Anwar extends his congratulations to these key stakeholders. However, he emphasizes that the issuance of driving licenses comes with a responsibility. He urges citizens to prioritize adherence to traffic rules once they obtain their driving licenses, recognizing that compliance is instrumental in reducing traffic accidents.

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