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Recently, an unknown hacker group breached Punjab Land Record Authority’s (PLRA) data system to try and tamper with the Land Record Management Information System. The Punjab Land Record Authority enhanced its security soon after detecting the hacking attempt by the unknown hacker group. Furthermore, the Punjab Land Record Authority’s Additional Director General has written a letter to the Secretary of the Board of Revenue about the breach conducted by the unknown hacker group and the new security features of its data system. 


The Unknown Hacker Group Used Fake CNICs to Breach Punjab Land Record Authority Data System


The Director General informed the board that the unknown hacker group employed fake CNIC numbers to create fake accounts through some rural centers and land record centers to access data from the Land Records System. Since the hacking attempt, all official operators at the Land Record Centres and Rural Centres Maal (Revenue) have been directed to change their passwords and login information to update security. 


Moreover, the operators of the Punjab Land Record Authority will also be required to verify their logins through fingerprints from NADRA. The complete CNIC data of official operators will also be available in the Land Record System and legal action will be taken against fake accounts. Data breaches and leaks have become a lot more common lately. 


Recently SECP’s Data Also Got Leaked Without Being Hacked


Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) also recently had its data leaked. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), however, had its data breached through a cyberattack that leaked a lot of sensitive information. Pakistan’s government authorities have been focusing on digitizing their processes and apps and securing protocols to avoid breach attempts by hacking groups.


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