OpenAI is reportedly working on a new search functionality with the development of a new search feature for ChatGPT. The feature aims to equip the chatbot with the ability to retrieve information from diverse sources on the web, potentially revolutionizing how users seek answers online.

Enhanced Search Feature for ChatGPT

According to Bloomberg, OpenAI’s new feature involves enhancing ChatGPT’s capabilities to scour the internet for answers to user queries. It is also anticipated to provide users with accurate responses, supplemented by citations to authenticate the sourced information, by tapping into resources such as Wikipedia or blog posts, ChatGPT can offer comprehensive and credible responses to a wide array of inquiries.

Reports suggest that the experimental search function of ChatGPT may go beyond textual responses by incorporating multimedia elements, by including relevant images or diagrams alongside written responses, ChatGPT aims to enhance user comprehension and engagement. This approach is particularly beneficial for queries requiring visual aids, such as instructional or informational content.

Expansion Within the AI Industry

While OpenAI has yet to officially confirm this development, speculation arises from observations made by DataChaz on Twitter/X regarding a new subdomain, Although the link currently redirects to the main ChatGPT page, it hints at the company’s potential new venture.

Venturing into search functionality represents a strategic move for OpenAI to remain competitive in the AI industry, where rivals like Google and emerging startups like Perplexity are continuously pushing boundaries. If successful, this initiative could position ChatGPT as a formidable alternative to traditional search engines, challenging the status quo in online information access.

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