FFBOTS, a UAE firm based in the Jebel Ali Industrial Area, announced Middle East’s first locally-made firefighting robot called Wabel, which means rain. Wabel can be deployed in dangerous and critical areas in anticipation of any fires, which enhances the safety levels of facilities and helps protect people and properties.

Middle East’s First Firefighting Robot Comprises of State-of-the-art Operating Capabilities

Wabel measures 220cm in length and has a width and height of 150cm and 135cm respectively. The firefighting robot looks like a mini tank and comes equipped with cameras and sensors to provide real-time information about the blaze and help firefighters formulate a safer and more effective plan to handle the emergency. The creators believe that it could be a useful addition to firefighting departments across the UAE and the wider region.

The robot is equipped with 4-hose-inlets and a GPS build routing and maps for robot location and facilitations of navigation, which helps controllers make full advantage of its technical capabilities. It can be controlled wirelessly by a control station with a control range of up to 1km. Additionally, it comes equipped with six smart cameras covering four directions, making it the firefighter’s eye from the heart of the event. Wabel is also equipped with front-end water sprinklers to cool the surface in front of the robot and vertical water sprinklers to create a water umbrella to cool the robot from above.

A Word From the Company’s CEO

Mohammed Islam, a robotics expert and CEO of FFBOTS, said: “Since its inception, the company has sought to locally manufacture, design and assemble robotics technologies, with a focus on attracting local and international competencies and expertise, inspired by its vision and the passion of the founding-team. The aspiration of the company’s investors towards AI-based innovations are in line with the vision and directions of the UAE government.” “We intend to go global, taking into account the directives of our UAE government that calls for leveraging AI to a maximum to enhance the quality of life and preserve the lives and property through instant response to firefighting operations,” added Mr Islam.

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