The world’s first robot lawyer, DoNotPay, is facing a proposed class action lawsuit filed by Chicago-based law firm Edelson for practicing law without a license in the US. The complaint reads; “Unfortunately for its customers, DoNotPay is not actually a robot, a lawyer, nor a law firm. DoNotPay does not have a law degree, is not barred in any jurisdiction, and is not supervised by any lawyer.”

World’s First Robot Lawyer and its Functionality

DoNotPay was founded in 2015 as an app to help customers fight parking tickets since then it has progressed to become the world’s first robot lawyer. It uses artificial intelligence to help customers handle a series of legal services without needing to hire a lawyer. “Time and time again the only people that win are the lawyers. So I wanted to do something about it, building the DoNotPay robot lawyer to empower consumers to take on corporations on their own,” said Joshua Browder, the CEO of DoNotPay.

Regarding the lawsuit, he said that the robot lawyer is not going to be bullied by America’s richest class action lawyer. He said that the claims have no merit and pledged to fight the lawsuit. It should be noted that the lawsuit was filed on the behalf of Californian resident Jonathan Faridian, who said he used DoNotPay services to draft demand letters, a small claims court filing, and LLC operating agreements and got substandard and poorly done results.

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