the company has devised a plan that requires advertisers to invest a minimum of $1,000 per month on ads to retain their Twitter verified status on the platform

Elon Musk has announced a new feature for Twitter Blue subscribers who can now upload up to two hours-long videos in the app. The limit for the video was previously set as 10 minutes before increasing it to 60 minutes. “Twitter Blue Verified subscribers can now upload 2-hour videos (8GB)!” said Musk.

Other Facilities for Twitter Blue Subscribers

Apart from increasing the time limit, the social media company has also modified its Twitter Blue page and said that the video file size limit for subscribers is now increased from 2GB to 8 GB. While earlier longer video upload was only possible from the web, now it’s also possible through the iOS app. Despite these changes, the maximum quality for upload still remains 1080p.

Twitter is also still working on a way to share advertising revenue with the paid subscribers. He also said that the social media platform will cut the number of ads they see in half and a month before that, he said it will give you priority in replies, mentions & searches. Both features are still listed as coming soon on the Blue signup page. However, Musk is completely silent on the revenue-sharing feature.

Twitter is Becoming Another Netflix

As Musk announced the new feature for Twitter Blue subscribers many people rushed to the comment section to share their reviews, while some said that Twitter is becoming Netflix others termed it as a great idea. A verified username called Ghost tweeted, “Twitter is the new Netflix.” Another user said, “RIP YouTube. Thank you lord Elon.” “Ah, Twitter, where brevity once reigned supreme and now it seems even our attention spans have stretched their limits! Two-hour videos? That’s quite the leap from 280 characters,” one of the users said.

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