Slowly and gradually, TikTok is turning into a full-fledged social media platform where it can receive direct messages from anyone, just like other social media apps. As per details, the short video-sharing platform has been sending emails to some users regarding TikTok DMs to let them know about the new options, which were added in November.

TikTok DMs to Initiate Tough Competition Between Social Media Companies

One of the biggest rivals of TikTok in the entertainment sector is YouTube; the recent move of adding DMs to TikTok will give a distinctive identity to the platform as YouTube doesn’t have a private messaging feature which will set them apart. The development shows that the company is trying to move closer to other social networks like Instagram and Snapchat.

With many social media apps following in TikTok’s footsteps, it would be great to see how TikTok’s adaption of direct messages will go as it will now have a complete package like other social media apps. It should be noted that users will have several choices about who can send them direct messages, including the option to filter suspicious messages into a separate section.

TikTok Clamps Down on Using Third-party Apps for Video Sharing

Many users share TikTok videos with their friends and family via different social media apps, but with the introduction of TikTok DMs, users can easily share the videos in a separate messaging center. This will also help TikTok to move toward becoming the ultimate social network since the platform has been getting a lot of positive attention recently. On the other hand, Instagram’s chief has acknowledged that the platform has over-focused on videos, and it will reconsider this for the people who still prefer to use Instagram as a photo platform.

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