TikTok plans to add a video-scrubbing thumbnail feature to its short-form video format so that users can skip to different parts of the videos instead of going through the whole content. Social media consultant Matt Navarra first spotted the feature; he tweeted, “TikTok added video scrubbing thumbnails! Makes it easier to find the bit you’re looking for in longer videos.”

Video-Scrubbing Thumbnail Feature Only Available for the New Uploads

Upon a little bit of digging, it was found that the Video-Scrubbing thumbnail feature was only available for the newer uploads as it was not coming up on any of the old videos. TikTok offers the option of fast-forwarding the videos but adding Video-Scrubbing thumbnails will make the process of finding a specific part of the video much easier.

TikTok has been working on improving the user experience for quite a while which includes the addition of horizontal screen mode and Increasing the time of the video to 10 minutes; with the new feature TikTok wants to share a similar experience to YouTube audience where they can zoom in and scrub through the videos.

Horizontal Screen Viewing Experience

As TikTok started supporting long-form video content, it is just not possible to not talk about the viewing experience; to start off the horizontal screen viewing experience is a great way to attract clients and keep them on the platform. TikTok creators are now adding a “turn your phone” message at the start of a video to get users to fully enjoy the content that’s about to play if they recorded a video horizontally.

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