Tiba al-Ali, a vibrant and popular YouTuber, captivated audiences with her cheerful videos documenting her life. However, her return to Iraq earlier this year led to a devastating tragedy that shed light on the harsh realities of “honour killings” and the treatment of women in a society dominated by conservative values.

Tiba al-Ali Bright YouTube Journey

Tiba al-Ali’s YouTube channel attracted over 20,000 subscribers, celebrating her newfound independence in Turkey after leaving Iraq at the age of 17 in 2017. Her videos, ranging from discussions on her independence to makeup tutorials, portrayed a joyful and engaging young woman who resonated with her viewers.

Despite her father’s disapproval of her move and her marriage to a Syrian-born fiancé, Tiba continued to thrive in her new life in Istanbul. However, her decision to return to Iraq in January would ultimately change the course of her life tragically.

The Tragic End and Outrage

Reports reveal that upon her return to Iraq, Tiba became embroiled in a family dispute with her father, Tayyip Ali. On the fateful night of January 31st, her father strangled her to death in her sleep. While he later turned himself in to the police, the sentencing left many shocked.

Tayyip Ali received only a six-month prison sentence, leading to worldwide outrage among Iraqi women and women’s rights activists. Tiba’s case highlighted the lack of protection from domestic violence for women and girls under Iraqi law, with legal provisions such as Article 409 causing concern.

In the wake of Tiba’s tragic murder, protests erupted across Iraq, calling for reforms in laws surrounding “honor killings.” Activists demanded better protection for women and harsher penalties for perpetrators of gender-based violence. The case of Tiba al-Ali has ignited conversations about the urgent need for legal reforms to safeguard women’s rights and combat gender-based violence in Iraq and beyond.

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