Every year, the National Incubation Center (NIC) in Islamabad hosts a startup challenge called Hacktivate. The aim of Hacktivate 3.0 was to search for practical and innovative solutions to the challenges encountered by Pakistan’s agricultural depart. NIC’s official website reads: “We want to expand the implementation of technology in Agriculture by fostering innovation and collaboration.” They also are aiming to connect key stakeholders to the relevant startups through their competitions. This year’s Hacktivate was won by a startup known by the name of CropDrop.

CropDrop is a startup located in Islamabad  It is aiming to digitally revolutionize the fresh produce supply chain in Pakistan. business to business (B2B) venture which essentially sources quality produce directly from farmers and delivers to urban retailers, businesses, and service providers at affordable prices.

The startup has developed an online e-commerce web application; buyers and suppliers in the country can register through a portal with CropDrop. The company then buys the produce from farmers in rural areas of the country and supplies them to the sellers within cities, towns, and villages.

CropDrop is the first initiation working towards this sector in Pakistan. The business focuses to allow increased incentives for farmers by purchasing directly from them and connecting them to several sellers from a single portal, therefore increasing their revenue.

Retailers also benefit from CropDrop because it cuts down on their transportation costs and delivers right to their doorstep. CropDrop also offers competitive pricing, high quality graded produce and reduces their delivery and processing time.

Besides retailers and farmers, the consumers of products supplied by CropDrop are promised hygienically handled produce which can be traced directly back to its farm. CropDrop also helps consumers get better quality products at a more affordable price.

Businesses like CropDrop, with the help of the NIC, aim to make the lives of the farmers, the retailers, and the consumers easier by digitally transforming their experiences and responsibilities. They also help Pakistan in moving towards being a more successful and efficient country.

Source: TechJuice

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