netsol to construct IT University

Netsol, a software company has decided to establish an IT University in Pakistan. The setup for the university will be seen in Lahore as explained by Chairman Netsol, Salim Ghauri.

The Chairman also looked into hiring a Vice-chancellor, who could manage to make courses, hire faculty, design curriculum, degree program, and look for the international academic program.

Initiating of IT university, is good news for all the software houses, professionals out there. The combination of academics and industry will result in great help for the IT sector, as the IT sector looks for individuals who have skillset compatible with advanced IT platforms. The graduates coming from present universities fail to fulfill the requirements of the local and foreign markets. As per estimation, around 25,000 students graduate every year from universities around Pakistan, and 5000 fulfill the requirement of the local and foreign markets.

An IT setup was to be initiated by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT), currently, that exposes no sign of continuity.

Professionals from different software houses are asked by Stakeholders of IT industries to collaborate in IT education platforms to bring productivity into existence, upon which it is said that appropriate salaries are not being provided. As a result, all computer-related subjects are reached by not so educated teachers.

According to the news published by propakistani there are around 15,000 individuals demanded by IT industries and for the latest technologies, 5,000 highly-skilled professionals are required.

IT is hoped, that the step taken by Netsol for the creation of IT university will result in productivity and it will lead to educating IT professionals with a skill set that is demanded by the market and not just money making a process as seen in the case of various universities.

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