A new fiber optic cable has been laid in Gwadar which is good news for future investors, said Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Executive Vice President Abdul Zahir Achakzai.

He was speaking at a meeting with industrialists at the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) on Thursday. While highlighting the importance of modern communication infrastructure requirements for industrial zones like Gwadar among others, he said, “We have already taken several measures to improve internet connectivity in Korangi along with the rest of the city.”

He said that it was good news for future investors, adding that PTCL acknowledged the importance of communication infrastructure.

Gwadar city is an important location and plays a pivotal role under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Even at the local level, the port city is vital for Balochistan and the national economy. The corridor now needs faster internet connectivity to run its large-scale operations smoothly.

President KATI, Saleem uz Zaman, also present at the occasion, said that internet connectivity, speed, and efficiency had emerged as the new prerequisite for industrial and business growth.

A cross-border optical fiber project worth PKR 38 Billion was also approved a few weeks ago to provide a path for international connectivity through the Northern border of Pakistan with China and ensure continuous uninterrupted connectivity between the Northern and Southern borders of the country.

While talking about KATI, its president Saleem uz Zaman said, “We urge all the service providers in the area to build effective coordination with the Korangi Industrial and Trading Estate Development and Management Company (KITE-DMC) as many infrastructure projects are underway.”

KITE-DMC Chairman and CEO Zubair Chhaya urged officials to establish a mechanism for better coordination between PTCL and KITE. He assured them that PTCL would be consulted before any development work in the area to avoid any losses to both sides.

Image Source: TechJuice

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