Model 3 and model S vehicles

Tesla has recalled more than 475,000 of its Model 3 and Model S vehicles for potential rearview camera and trunk issues that increase the risk of crashing. The latter recall is particularly concerning because the issue affects the front trunk, which could obstruct the driver’s view of the road if it flies open while driving.

China’s market regulator said that Tesla will recall close to 200,000 vehicles in the country, including 19,697 imported model S, 35,836 imported model 3, and 144,208 China-made models 3.

Tesla recalled 2017-2020 Model 3 and Model S vehicles

The electric car manufacturer, Tesla recalled 356,309 of its Model3 vehicles and 119,009 of its ModelS vehicles to address the review camera and front hood problems, respectively. Tesla estimates that only 1 percent of the Model 3 vehicles will display the defect, compared to 14 percent of the recalled Model S vehicles.

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Told states in an official filing; “The front trunk latch assembly may be misaligned, preventing the secondary hood latch from engaging” the company believes that since the Model S problem is a misalignment rather than a damaged component, so the repositioning of latch device at a service centre will resolve the issue. For affected Model 3 owners, Tesla has pledged to install a new cable harness and guide protector free of charge.

Company’s second run-in with NHTSA

The current recall Teal’s second run-in with NHTSA. The safety regulator was previously investigating the company’s feature of playing games in a moving vehicle, the issue was reported by Tesla vehicle owner Vince Patton, a 59-year-old retired broadcast journalist, who saw a YouTube video of a Tesla owner playing a video game on his touch-screen while the vehicle was moving. Tesla has subsequently agreed to stop allowing video games to be played on vehicle screens while its cars are moving.

Source: Guardian


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