Reddit is overhauling its block feature so that blocking on Reddit functions looks more like other platforms.

Reddit is overhauling its block feature so that blocking on Reddit functions looks more like other platforms. With an improved blocking feature, it will be easier to block a user on Reddit that will not just hide that person’s posts from your view but will also prevent them from being able to see or interact with your posts. Previously, blocking on Reddit worked more like a mute feature, allowing the muted user to still view another’s content.

How will Reddit’s block feature work

With the block feature, the blocked account will no longer be able to see your posts or your profile. Additionally, you won’t be able to view the profile of someone you blocked but their posts will still be accessible to you should you choose to read them by clicking on them as their posts will appear in the collapsed form under the blocked account. Although, moderators will be able to see your posts in the community they moderate, as well as your history within that subreddit, even if you block each other. You will also still see posts by a blocked moderator in their community.

Reddit also imposed a time limit that prevents users from unblocking someone and then blocking them again within a short period, as well as restrictions to prevent people from manipulating the platform by blocking at scale. The company wrote in its blog post, “It’s also worth noting that blocking is not a replacement for reporting policy breaking content. While we plan to implement block as a signal for potential bad actors, our safety teams will continue to rely on reports to ensure that we can properly stop and sanction malicious users.”

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Reddit removed 7,000 Hate Subreddits

Reddit has banned nearly 7,000 subreddits for hateful content since rolling out its new content policies. Reddit’s new content policy came into effect after hundreds of moderators on the platform wrote an open letter accusing Reddit CEO Steve Huffman and other company leaders of allowing the site to fester with hate in the name of free speech. The platform disclosed that before the new policy went into effect, 40,000 pieces of hateful content were shared daily, with all such content on the site receiving about 6.47 million views daily.

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