In celebration of Pakistan Day’21, RapidCompute and CXO Exchange, put their knowledge curve together and are launching the TechDrive Podcast with Aqsa and Imran.

Pakistan’s technology industry has been in a constant growth stage for the last decade but this has escalated particularly in the last 3 years by almost 97%, which has resultantly led to an exponential growth of all connected sectors in the country

In a post Covid world, understanding technology is an inevitability not only because of the impact it carries in our daily lives but also because it fosters a way for development tools in society and a large part of that social diaspora is business enterprises. It becomes an everyday essential to learn and share as much as we can on how to make Pakistan run as a well-oiled innovation machine.

Hence TechDrive. This is also in celebration of ten years of RapidCompute and fourteen years of the CXO media brands, as they wanted to put their heads together and give an easy audio showcase to all the exciting things happening in the Pakistan IT industry.

Talking on the occasion of the MOU and subsequent launch, Imran Khan, MD of RapidCompute and co-host of TechDrive commented, “Earlier, it wasn’t essential for all businesses to understand technology and they could go about running their organizations. But the world has evolved and it is more critical than ever to educate people on how tech is the single biggest driver of change in our society today, be it via cloud computing, artificial intelligence, FinTechs or communication mediums. Discussing these ecosystem stories will help upcoming generations of leaders learn from real scenarios from the IT industry and we hope the initiative can provide insights and ideas to aid our local industries to adapt and grow.”

Imran Khan is one of the founding members of RapidCompute with an industry experience of over 17 years spread across telecom, datacenters and connectivity platforms, and has played a pivotal role in shaping the commercial landscape of the organization and in setting up RapidCompute’s business strategy.

The cloud services division of Cybernet was formally launched in 2012, and has now grown it into the largest IaaS cloud in Pakistan with three Datacenters across the country and the introduction of new and diverse services for businesses in Pakistan and in the region.

Having been involved with RapidCompute from its inception, Imran has observed the cloud space closely in Pakistan and has played an active part in product development, to place the company ahead of the curve in this fast changing and evolving market. Imran is also currently involved in mentoring startups in various incubators and also runs an acceleration program called “StartSmart” designed to help startup get to market faster and cheaper.

Also commenting on the launch, Aqsa Tariq, Editor-in-Chief of the newly rebranded CXO Exchange said, “Everyone loves a good story, and we’re here to bring you just that! With Imran as my co-host for the show, I know we’ll bring the right kind of energy from our tech ecosystem, and showcase the right stories through our conversations and topics. We will touch upon not only the exciting stuff happening as enterprises retrain themselves to embrace digitizing but also all the other wonderful innovations happening as our tech entrepreneurs and the startup ecosystem reach a level of maturity.”

Aqsa has been involved in the technology sector for over ten years now and is perhaps one of Pakistan’s most senior young technology journalists.

Having been associated with CXO for a decade, Aqsa has been showcasing hundreds of stories across the Pakistani technology enterprise, startup and generic diaspora. She has been a co-moderator and co-creator of several panels led across different technology and innovation events both from the CXO and other industry platforms. She has recently launched her own startup ElleTech, a passion project, with two co-founders, which is a social enterprise focused on showcasing Women In STEAM.

Salaina Haroon, MD RPG and producer of the TechDrive show, commented, “It is a pleasure working with Imran, Aqsa and the Rapid team on this one. Imran is one of the most tenacious techies that I know, and we had been discussing putting out content together for a time now. But with Covid, perhaps it’s pushed all of us to rethink and speed up in creating platforms which become a sort of narrative understudy to the massive realigning that Pakistan’s economy is doing with technology as the most important fulcrum in play. It is our duty more than just the fun of it, to talk stories that speak of the wonderful innovation cycles happening in this country and from all corners of Pakistan. Hopefully TechDrive turns out to be as we have envisioned it. If not, we are all giving it our best shot”.

The first episode of TechDrive goes live on March 23rd 2021, with Shahbaz Jamote, CEO of TelloTalk as the inaugural guest. Shahbaz is an experienced professional in the mobile value-added services industry and heads TelloTalk and in this episode of TechDrive, he talks to Aqsa and Imran, about the importance of local platforms, security and consumer privacy and the growing startup investment climate in Pakistan.

Catch the first episode… LIVE on and on the following social channels:

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