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On Tuesday, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) rejected recent news reports circulated by a section of media concerning the new Domain Name System (DNS), stating it had not implemented centralized DNS control. “It is clarified that PTA has only implemented an automation of blocking of unlawful content as mandated to PTA under PECA 37,” a statement issued by the authority read.


PTA Will Centrally Perform All Resolutions as It Has Not Implemented a Centralized DNS


Furthermore, a Domain Name System (DNS) is the decentralized naming system used to recognize computers or other devices like mobile phones and tablets reachable through the internet. Opposing the media claims, PTA said that it has not implemented a Centralized DNS Control through which all resolutions will be centrally performed by PTA. Instead, the resolution will be performed at ISP’s end, it added.


The blocking of illegal content was already being done however to improve the effectiveness of the same, and automation process through domain name resolution at ISP level has been implemented under the policy directives of GoP [government of Pakistan]. This has been done in consultation and extensive due-deliberation with the Internet Service Providers (ISP) of Pakistan,” the statement said.


Moreover, Pakistan’s telecom authority further clarified that the recent development will have “no effect on increasing the cost of internet services, no impact on slowing down of internet nor has any implications on privacy of the citizens whatsoever, as wrongly portrayed in some media reports”.


PTA Instructs Telecom Operators to Provide Uninterrupted Services

In addition to this, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has cautioned the telecom operators of Pakistan to provide uninterrupted services to the subscribers under licensing rules and conditions. An official statement from the authority reads, “The mobile operators are governed under license conditions, rules, and regulations issued by PTA. Operators are required to provide uninterrupted telecom services to the subscribers and in case they don’t, the regulator has relevant provisions to take appropriate action.”

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