The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has blocked unverified Quran apps and websites, which include 13 websites and 8 mobile apps. It was reported that all of the blocked websites contained unverified Quran-related content.

Unverified Quran Apps and Websites Blocked After Proactive Research

As per details, PTA has received a huge amount of complaints regarding the unverified Quran apps and websites. The authority has been mandated to identify any sacrilegious content on the internet under section 37 of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016. Hence; the complaints received from the users and stakeholders to block certain websites are verified via proactive search and later they are blocked.

For error-free reporting of sacrilegious content, PTA has provided a dedicated e-portal to 43 organizations, that report unlawful content to PTA after thorough research. However, the general public can also register their complaints regarding unlawful online content via the PM portal – PTA’s Complaint Management system.

Web Evaluation Cell Against Blasphemous Material

A web evaluation cell is already in the function that evaluates blasphemous content on social media. The ministry of religious affairs said that any kind of desecrating material on social media was constitutionally forbidden and that anyone found involved in this criminal activity would be treated as per law of the land.

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