Efforts to block signals from Afghan telcos on the Pakistani side of the border have become a pressing concern for the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has swiftly responded to concerns raised about the recent slowdown of internet services across the country. As reports of disruptions in social media networks and a general internet slowdown circulated, users voiced their distress over challenges faced during last night’s unexpected service disruption.

PTA Investigates Complaints of Slowdown of Internet Services

The PTA spokesperson has assured the public that complaints related to internet slowdown are currently under investigation, hence emphasizing their commitment to ensuring a smooth online experience for users. The spokesperson stated that the overall situation of internet accessibility across the nation appears to be normal. However, the PTA remains vigilant in addressing reported disruptions and is working to identify the root causes.

Amid the concerns, the PTA has urged the media to act responsibly and exercise caution in disseminating any unconfirmed news or statuses regarding internet disruption. Stressing the importance of accurate reporting, the authority aims to prevent unnecessary panic among the public; clear communication is key to managing expectations and providing accurate information about the situation.

Netblocks Reports Nationwide Disruption

The disruptions in social media networks and internet services during the last night caused distress among users in various cities. Popular platforms like Facebook, the equivalent of X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and YouTube experienced downtime, posing challenges for users seeking to access their online resources. Users reported a slowdown in internet speed, impacting access to other websites; concerns persisted throughout the late hours as internet speeds remained frustratingly slow after 8 PM last night.

Netblocks, the real-time platform for mapping internet freedom, also reported nationwide disruption to social media platforms across Pakistan; this independent verification highlights the severity of the situation and underscores the need for a comprehensive investigation by the PTA to promptly address and rectify the issues.

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