PTA remove tiktok accounts

Religious scholars at Jamia Binoria Town in Karachi have issued a fatwa, unequivocally labeling the widely popular video-sharing platform TikTok as “Haram” based on religious grounds. The religious decree advocates for a complete ban on TikTok usage, expressing deep-seated concerns over the platform’s exploitation for financial gain through the dissemination of inappropriate content.

Fatwa Calls for a TikTok Ban

The fatwa, echoing sentiments of conservative values, stresses the need for a ban on TikTok, pointing to its predominant use in engaging in illicit activities. These activities include sharing prohibited images, videos, and music, spreading indecent content, and promoting inappropriate humor, all of which are considered violations of religious principles.

In addition to content concerns, the religious decree raises alarms about individuals of various age groups, including both the youth and the elderly, participating in activities on TikTok to earn money. The fatwa contends that some of these endeavors may clash with strong moral values, emphasizing the potential negative impacts on individuals’ behavior and ethical principles.

Global Calls for Restrictions

TikTok, owned by China-based ByteDance, has encountered recurrent calls for bans globally, with Pakistan being no exception. The video-sharing app, boasting over 39 million downloads in 2022 alone, has faced scrutiny for its impact on society, leading to petitions and temporary bans. This latest fatwa has stirred the ongoing debate surrounding TikTok’s influence and reignites discussions on balancing entertainment with cultural and religious sensitivities.

Earlier this year, a formal request was submitted to the Lahore High Court, advocating for the prohibition of the TikTok application. The plea cited apprehensions regarding its negative impact on the younger generation. In 2021, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority imposed a five-month ban on the video-sharing app from July to November. The prohibition was rescinded subsequent to TikTok’s commitments to enhance control over indecent or immoral content.

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