Dr Arif Alvi said that Pakistan’s IT sector has the potential to increase its exports to $50 billion.

Speaking at an event to mark the achievements of startups in Pakistan, the President of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi said that Pakistan’s IT sector has the potential to increase its exports to $50 billion. He called for further investment in upcoming technologies and startups besides investment in traditional industries.

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Arif Alvi ensured the government’s support to bolster Pakistan’s IT sector

The president has mentioned that the government is taking all possible measures to support the growth of IT startups and ensure their access to bank loans at low-interest rates. Earlier PM Imran Khan has also revealed that Pakistan’s IT exports will reach $50bn in the next few years due to effective government policies and expansion of Pakistan’s IT sector.

He stressed that people should be made part of the digital landscape and given the necessary skill sets to benefit from digitalization. He further advised that by acquiring different skills people could set up small and medium-sized businesses with the help of information technology and could grow at a rapid pace. Meanwhile, he also expressed satisfaction that the startups were attracting huge investment from abroad because of their innovation and new ideas.

Opportunities in the information technology sector

President Dr Arif Alvi said that they should work hard and focus on IT education in the country and once they have completed, they would avail themselves of thousands of opportunities in this sector across the world. He informed that the government is extending all kinds of support to the IT sector and the laws have been made to facilitate the growth of this sector. Relating to Kamayab Jawan Program he said that with completion of training or education in the IT sector, the government will provide the financial support to start entrepreneurship via Kamayab Jawan Program (KJP) that had extended the financial support up to Rs.10 lacs.

Source: APP


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