Recently, one of Pakistan’s regionally assembled electric vehicles i.e. the MG HS SUV has just rolled off its assembly line in Lahore. This was initially proclaimed by Javed Afridi who posted the images of the vehicle being assembled on his Twitter account. 


This is huge progress for the firm in MG in general as there won’t be any shipment setbacks or shortfalls. Furthermore, the firm is more focused on incorporating new vehicles into its existing lineup. Javed Afridi stated in his discussions with the foreign media that how production plants will be implemented with appliances, machinery, and labor to guarantee quality electric vehicles are assembled locally rather than depending upon any export products. 


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This development further extends to the firm’s plan to assemble certain vehicles that are right-handed. This indicates that MG can finally free itself of the delivery delays, product shortfalls, import value disagreements, and other difficulties that had recently troubled it. The improvement could also show the potential addition of more vehicles in MG’s local product lineup.


In addition to it, it was announced last week, MG’s first goal — after the increase of the production of the HS to satisfy the demands of its consumers who have been waiting anxiously for their vehicles — will be to start work on the regional assembly of the MG ZS EV. The lineup of the company will incorporate three more vehicles one of them being a family car obtainable at a reasonable rate. 



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