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In order to facilitate travelers during the festive occasion of Eid ul Azha, Pakistan Railways (PR) has announced a significant reduction in fares for all passenger trains and classes. Simultaneously, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has also joined the festive spirit by offering discounts on domestic flights.

Pakistan Railways’ Generous Fare Reduction

To ensure a convenient and cost-effective journey for passengers, Pakistan Railways has offered a substantial discount on fares for all passenger trains and classes. According to an official notification, fares have been reduced by an impressive 33%; this reduction will be applicable throughout the entire three-day celebration of Eid ul Azha, allowing individuals to travel and reunite with their loved ones without bearing exorbitant expenses.

To guarantee the effective implementation of this decision, the Chief Marketing Manager (CMM) of PR has instructed the Divisional Superintendents of major cities, including Karachi, Quetta, Sukkur, Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar, to ensure compliance with these directives.

Pakistan Railways (PR) has also announced to run three special trains on Eidul Azha and the first train departed for Peshawar from Quetta at 10 am on 26th June. The second special train will run from Karachi to Lahore en route to Multan on 26th June at 8:30 pm. The third train will depart from Lahore to Karachi en route to Multan on 27th June at 11:00 am.

PIA Joins the Festive Spirit with Discounts

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the national flag carrier, has also embraced the spirit of Eid ul Azha by offering discounts on domestic flights. PIA has announced a 10% discount on fares for domestic flights throughout the three days of Eid ul Azha. PIA aims to provide individuals with more affordable options for air travel, enabling them to visit their desired destinations and celebrate the occasion with their loved ones.

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