TikTok has also jumped on the AI bandwagon by launching the test of its AI chatbot, 'Tako,' with users from the Philippines.

New York City has taken the decision to ban TikTok from city-owned devices. The directive, issued after a review by the NYC Cyber Command, emphasizes the city’s commitment to maintaining the security of its digital infrastructure. As part of this effort, city employees are prohibited from using TikTok on city-owned devices and are required to remove the app within the next 30 days.

Security Concerns Prompt NYC’s Decision

The findings of the NYC Cyber Command prompted New York City’s decision to ban TikTok on city-owned devices. The review revealed that TikTok posed a potential security threat to the city’s technical networks. In light of this assessment, the city has taken swift action to mitigate any potential risks by restricting TikTok’s usage among its employees and agencies. The move aligns with the city’s commitment to ensuring the secure use of social media platforms.

TikTok Ban: A Growing Trend

New York City’s move to ban the Chinese pp follows a growing trend across the United States. The directive references US Office of Management and Budget guidelines that discourage TikTok’s use on government devices, and recent federal legislation passed earlier in the year that restricts the app’s use. Numerous US states have already implemented similar bans on government-owned devices. In May, Montana notably became the first state to ban TikTok statewide, triggering legal battles around free speech rights.

New York State had previously instituted its own ban on TikTok for state-issued devices in 2020. The internal policy prevented the download and use of the app on government-owned devices while allowing select public relations platforms to utilize the app for marketing purposes. NYC’s decisive action represents its commitment to staying ahead of potential security risks and echoes concerns raised at both the state and federal levels regarding the potential data security implications of TikTok’s usage.

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