It’s awards season again, and the Oscar nominations have stirred the cinematic industry. One streaming giant stands out prominently amid the fervor of accolades and controversies – Netflix leads the Oscar race with an impressive haul of 18 nominations, including a coveted Best Picture nod, and finds itself in a position of technical supremacy, as detailed by Variety’s breakdown. However, the battle for Oscar glory is far from one-dimensional, with Disney and Apple emerging as formidable contenders.

Netflix Leads Oscar Race but Disney isn’t Afar

While Netflix may boast a commendable tally, Disney proves to be a nuanced competitor with a grand total of 20 nominations spread across its diverse sub-brands. From 20th Century Studios to Marvel Studios, Disney’s cinematic empire, encompassing everything from animated wonders to gripping dramas, depicts the vast scope of its creative influence; the best picture nomination for “Poor Things” solidifies Disney’s multifaceted dominance in the race for Oscar gold.

In a relatively short span of four years, Apple has made a mark in the original content arena, securing 13 nominations, including nods for “Napoleon” and “Killers of the Flower Moon” in the Best Picture category. This commendable achievement mirrors Apple’s rapid ascent in an industry traditionally dominated by established players. The tech giant’s foray into filmmaking has garnered critical acclaim and positioned it as a noteworthy contender in the prestigious Oscar race.

Universal’s Stalwart Presence

As an old-school production company, Universal stands shoulder to shoulder with newcomers in the streaming era, securing 13 nominations. Noteworthy among these is the best picture nomination for one-half of the summer’s cinematic highlight, “Oppenheimer.”

Barbie, the other part of the equation, also received a nomination for best picture. However, there is discontent among internet users as Greta Gerwig was overlooked for best director, and Margot Robbie missed out on the best actress nomination, contrasting with Ryan Gosling’s recognition for best-supporting actor. It’s worth noting that the best actress category is highly competitive, featuring outstanding performances from newcomers like Lily Gladstone to seasoned veterans like Annette Bening.

Oppenheimer and Poor Things lead the pack with 13 nominations each. A24, as a production company, stands out as the sole studio with multiple nominations in the best picture category, courtesy of Past Lives and The Zone of Interest. A24 is also credited for the Netflix limited series Beef, which recently garnered numerous Emmy awards. Surprisingly, A24 is responsible for the amusing yet decidedly low-brow Tacoma FD sitcom. Consider this your trivia tidbit for the day!

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