Amid growing speculation fueled by unverified information circulating on social media, concerns arise regarding a potential eight-day closure for educational institutions across the nation. The speculated closure is purportedly aligned with the upcoming general elections scheduled for February 8, raising concerns about its impact on students and the academic calendar.

Reports Indicate Possible Eight-day Closure for Educational Institutions

Reports suggest that educational institutions might face an eight-day closure starting from Sunday, February 4, coinciding with Kashmir Day on February 5. The anticipated closure is expected to extend throughout the election period from February 6 to 10. This temporary shutdown, if implemented, would culminate on Sunday, February 11, with plans for a reopening on February 12. It’s noteworthy that February already holds two public holidays, one for Kashmir Day on February 5 and another for the general elections on February 8.

Earlier indications hinted at potential closures in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) from February 7 to 9 in alignment with the general elections. Although decisions seem to be finalized at the regional level, an official announcement is expected in the first week of February. Local authorities may also consider extending the closure based on evolving circumstances, adding an additional layer of uncertainty to the academic calendar.

Election Preparations Underway

As the general elections approach, political candidates from various parties have commenced campaigning activities, holding corner meetings and engaging in door-to-door canvassing. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has initiated the printing of ballot papers, a process set to conclude by February 3. The secure delivery of these ballots to every district entrusted to the Pakistan Army highlights the tangible preparations for the impending elections.

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