On Tuesday, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) announced that the entity had commenced the first round of consultations with the applicable stakeholders to outline the National Broadband Policy 2021. 


With this new initiative, Pakistani’s long-established Internet miseries are near to being addressed and resolved, and Pakistan, which has been constantly afflicted with some of the most inadequate Internet speeds in a modern world that proceeds to gravitate towards 6G, could overcome these issues soon. 


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The session was directed by the Secretary of IT Ministry and attended by senior officers of MoITT, PTA, FAB World Bank’s Consultants, GSMA, Tabadlab, and Telecom Operators amongst other stakeholders. The National Broadband Policy is being composed given the technological improvements emerging out of the 4th digital revolution and the ever-progressing dependency of the people of Pakistan on the internet to secure socio-economic development. 


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Moreover, the policy claims “broadband as a utility,” the same way as electricity and gas are regarded as utilities, a pivotal base that will lead the policy. As per the reports, Pakistan has increased its efforts to bring the country’s internet connectivity to an equal measure as compared to the foreign countries, since Pakistan’s internet quality is lowest in South Asia.


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Some of the other initiatives taken by MoITT include the establishment of the advisory committee to outline the roadmap and finalize proposals for the introduction of 5G technology in Pakistan. In addition to it, the government has also approved Rs. 8 billion to complete 9 fiber-optic broadband projects that will advance internet speeds and make the Internet accessible without interruptions to the masses.


Source: TechJuice


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