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Meta is now launching a dedicated Calls tab to the Facebook Messenger app. The dedicated tab will be added to the function bar at the bottom of the Facebook Messenger app and will allow users quickly access all their voice and video calls. The app will get the new Calls tab on both Android and iOS. 


Facebook Messenger App’s Shortcuts Feature Sends GIFs and ASCII Emoticons


Moreover, the Facebook Messenger app also recently got a new set of features called Shortcuts, which allows users to send GIFs, and ASCII emoticons, and perform tasks using commands. A new method tweak by Meta is making it easier to access calls on the Messenger app. Furthermore, this new Calls tab will appear alongside Chats, Stories, and People and will open a list of the user’s contacts. 


The New Calls Tab Feature is Available for Android and iOS Users


The Calls tab feature is observing a slow rollout but should be available to all users soon. The feature is available for both Android and iOS users and should make it easier to quickly start a video or voice call. Previously, users had to open a chat window to gain access to the call button. The new design change will help the Facebook Messenger app compete with other apps offering similar features; however, Messenger has an edge as it doesn’t require a phone number to be able to make voice calls.


Back in March, Meta brought to the Facebook Messenger app some Slack-like shortcuts. For instance, users can type “@” to tag a specific person in a chat. They can type @everyone, and get everyone’s attention in the chat. /silent, on the other hand, lets you message someone without sending a notification. 


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