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The social media platform LinkedIn has currently managed to have a “pronounced increase” in the audience. Due to which LinkedIn has introduced several new features and tools on Tuesday. The idea behind introducing new features and tools is to maintain the same user interaction in an effective manner. The feature allows uploading effective content, spark discussion and build up engaged followings.

The platform noticed a sudden rise in the conversation among its 740 million-plus members, after which it has planned to switch to few other services rather than sticking to jobs and networking only. The conversation is said to be nearly at 50% in 2020 in comparison to 2019.

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the Bench Manager LinkedIn Keren Baruch told Adweek,  regarding creator strategy that “LinkedIn has had user-generated content since 2012. As the professional world has changed, we’re seeing more people creating engaging content, and engagement with that content is growing rapidly. Given how important this is, we are doubling down on making sure that creators have what they need to build a following and be successful on LinkedIn.”

The centerpiece of Tuesday’s rollouts is Creator Mode. Ones who manage to increase their follower growth by publishing unique content and share unique insights will be able to activate Creator Mode via their profile dashboard.

Once it is done, a “follow” button will be added to their profiles along with hashtags displaying their area of expertise. Feature and activity features will be seen on the top of the profile pages to display content in a better manner.

Creators who are using Linkedin live will be able to see their live broadcast shown in their profile background when they begin a stream, helping to increase visibility.

Linkedin mentioned its stats by saying over the past year, it has seen a 21% jump in members listing skills and responsibilities instead of qualifications, and 67% of hirers and recruiters are focusing on skills and competencies for jobs.

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