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The federal secretary for IT and Telecom, Shoaib Siddiqui, has announced the arrival of the Pakistani version of WhatsApp by next year. The project of the ministry of PSDP (Planning, Development & Special Initiatives).

“NITB has issued tenders to develop WhatsApp’s Pakistani version and will complete the project by the next year.”, Shoaib Siddique said in an interview with Urdu News.

Shoaib also appealed to stakeholders of the IT industry to deal with the situation regarding the wake of the proposed tax amendment laws calmly, in his recent visit to Quetta and also to other federal secretaries.

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“The federal secretaries have been tasked to improve the communication and understanding between the federal government and the provincial Balochistan government.”,  he stated while his visit.

The IT secretary also mentioned that modern problems need a modern solution, therefore, the implementation of a payment gateway is essential at the moment. The digital payment system is needed by the public.

“Talks have been undertaken in this regard with the State Bank to pave the way to float RFP (tenders), and once the bids come in, the situation will become clear.”, he added.

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He also talked about data protection law in an interview, during which he said that for years data protection law was not seen anywhere but the government has implemented efforts in this regard as well.

A draft has been prepared which has been sent to the cabinet and subsequently to the Parliament for approval.

Every individual’s data carries sanctity, and the proposed law will ensure its sanctity while also ensuring that no one can exploit a person’s data without his or her consent.” he stated 


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