The province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) mourns the passing of its caretaker Chief Minister, Azam Khan, who breathed his last in Peshawar after being admitted to a private hospital due to a severe stomach infection. The unfortunate incident unfolded on Friday night, culminating in a heart attack that further exacerbated his health condition

The Void Left After KP’s Caretaker PM Death

Azam Khan, a former bureaucrat, had taken on the role of caretaker Chief Minister through a consensus between outgoing Chief Minister Mahmood Khan and opposition leader Akram Khan Durrani. Khan’s tenure, spanning nine-and-a-half months, came to an unexpected end as he battled health issues, culminating in his demise. The void left by his passing has dissolved the caretaker cabinet, prompting contemplation on the selection of a new interim leader and cabinet members.

Azam Khan Battling With Health Issues

Dr. Gulzar, the Director of Operations at RMI, revealed that Khan’s health had been deteriorating, marked by symptoms such as diarrhea and nausea. A sudden stroke at 9 pm, following the diagnosis of a hernia, added to the complications. Azam Khan’s legacy includes notable positions such as finance minister and federal secretary at the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, reflecting a career of significant public service.

As the province mourns the loss of its caretaker Chief Minister, questions linger regarding appointing a successor and forming a new caretaker cabinet. The political landscape awaits the resolution of this uncertainty, contemplating whether former Chief Minister Mahmood Khan and opposition leader Karam Durrani will re-enter the race to guide the province through this transition.

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