At this year’s Toptal JavaScript Speed Coding Challenge, Pakistani developers showcased their blazing coding speeds by bagging the top 50 finishes from any Country, despite having fewer competition participants than our neighboring country, India.

As one of the World’s most successful coding competitions, the TopTal Speed Coding Challenge features a series of interesting challenges that competitors need to solve as quickly as possible to earn points. Therefore, points are allocated depending on the task’s complexity and the pace with which it is solved, with additional points allocated for the amount of time remaining upon the task’s early completion.

According to TopTal, around 2,000 passionate coders and developers from a total of 137 countries participated in the JavaScript Speed Coding Challenge. India fielded the highest number of participants, with 251 JavaScript coders hailing from the South Asian nation.

With 128 developers, Pakistan contributed the second-highest number of participants, followed by Nigeria with 88, Bangladesh with 82, Malaysia with 74, and the United States with 67.

There was one Country that stood out when it came to the actual Competition. With a total of five participants in the final leaderboard bagging top 50 finishes, Pakistan won the distinction of fielding the most Top 50 finishers of any country participating in the challenge.

With an impressive total of 3494 points, MALLU was the highest-ranking Pakistani developer with a fourth-place finish in the speed coding challenge.

For the second-highest number of top 50 finishes Bangladesh, Brazil, and Serbia ended up tying, as each country was represented by three participants in the top 50 finishers. Followed by Croatia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and Turkey with two top 50 finishers.

TopTal is an exclusive global network of the world’s leading freelance software developers, designers, finance practitioners, product managers, and project managers. It provides top businesses with a whole range of recruiting opportunities for talent.

Source: Tech Juice

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