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Tech giant, Intel has been quietly working on the world’s first 16 core processor for laptops. The flagship Core i9-12900HX mobility CPU will rank among the world’s speediest laptop chips and it has just made an impression at the Geekbench database with its first benchmarks. According to report, the upcoming Core i9-12900HX will have a 16 core processor based on an 8 + 8 configuration.

Intel’s 16 core processor Will Debut with Lenovo’s 82TD Laptop

The 16 core processor of Intel will debut with Lenovo’s 82TD laptop, which should be a powerhouse when it comes to gaming, rendering, and other taxing assignments. AMD already has 16 core processors for laptops, but those are based on desktop parts rather than mobile chips. The 12th Gen Adler Lake HX series processor will be packaged with the BGA structure and it is anticipated to be the full desktop die optimized for performance and efficiency on laptops. 

The New Processor Will Deliver Enhanced Performance in Laptops 

The new 16 core processor will also provide a 14% increase in core and a 20% increase in the thread count compared to the Core i9-12900HK. Compared to the Core i9-12900H, it is going to be at least 10% faster as per Geekbench results. The base clock on the 16 core processor will be 2.5 GHz with a boost clock as high as 4.89 GHz. Some reports claim that it will hit a 5.0GHz boost clock upon official release. 

Its TDP will be 55W and the GPU will have up to 32 Xe-LP cores, which is much lower than the desktop variant. It will be paired with Nvidia’s RTX 3080 Ti on Lenovo’s new laptop, which is presently the most efficient mobile illustrations card on the market. 

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