Indus Valley Capital

Indus Valley Capital, a San Francisco-based, Pakistan-focused investment capital established and directed by previous LinkedIn executive Aatif Awan, has successfully raised $17.5 million for its initial funds, which was oversubscribed with more than 75 individuals’ investors from all over the world. 


As per the details released from the company, the investors comprise of Reddit’s co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and founders, executives, and directors from managing technology corporations including Facebook, Google, Stripe, Coinbase, Uber, Careem, InstaCart, LinkedIn, Reddit, Dropbox, Atlassian, WebFlow, Zillow and Oracle.


Alexis Ohanian, reflecting on the event, remarked, “Aatif and I were first introduced on the board of Atoms, an innovative shoe company I invested in, started by two incredible Pakastani founders Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali. Through our shared passion for the brand, I learned about Aatif’s love of Pakistan and his plans to establish a fund that would nurture the country’s burgeoning startup ecosystem. Aatif is ahead of the curve and has positioned Indus Valley Capital at the forefront of what promises to be an exciting moment in the global investment landscape.”


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“Partners at two multi-billion-dollar VC funds and early investors in Careem and Souq are also among the limited partners,” recorded IVC’s observation.


Describing the reason, they perform this, Aatif said, “Speed is a defining characteristic of startups that turn out to be rocket ships. When we find a potential rocketship, we drop everything else and focus on wrapping up the fundraising process quickly so the founders can get back to building the company.”


In addition to it, Airlift was the first startup the IVC invested in, they raised around $12 million in a Series A directed by First Round Capital. To emphasis the matter, Airlift was First Round Capital’s exclusive investment in Asia in the past ten years. 


Usman Gul, the cofounder and CEO of Airlift believes that Indus Valley Capital is inducing a surge of venture capital that is followed with the global venture manual, “In our case, IVC has been a true partner in authoring the right fundraising strategy at every stage of the business, from early-stage angel financings to late-stage rounds.”


Source: MENAbytes


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