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Google, the search engine giant never fails to amaze the audience. To step up its feature game Google is introducing a tracker that will save users’ browsing history. In its Chrome web browser, Google will enable banning third-party cookies, like the well-known web browsers Safari and Firefox.

Safari and Firefox have already started blocking cookies by default, whereas Google will take a step-by-step approach, for gradually implementing a new set of technical advances that it has developed. The company’s designed FLOC (A Federated Learning Of Cohorts) will make “interest-based advertising on the web” possible, making sure that no advertisers know your identity.

FLOC will focus on making its users semi-anonymous by trying to associate them with a “cohort,” a community of users large enough to render them invisible to the corporations that are targeting them, highlighted Google.

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It is said that an algorithm will be prepared by Google Chrome that will make a cohort on the basis of users’ interest, making sure that not a single user’s browsing data is made visible to anyone else. But the browser itself will have access to the history as it will help the browser in assigning the user to one of that cohort.

Earlier advertisers used to collect the browsing history of users in order to make every users’ individual profile on their server. But, after Google’s new method, advertisers will be provided with all the information also advertisers can request the list of users’ interests through API, to ensure that users receive relevant advertising.

Many believe that this is Google’s new way of achieving a dominant position over other platforms and that this entire tracker based process is a ‘false premise’

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