Google has termed the Competition Commission of India’s fine of $161.9 million as a “major setback for Indian consumers and businesses” The tech giant has also said that it is reviewing the decision to evaluate its next steps. A Google spokesperson said, “The CCI’s decision is a major setback for Indian consumers and businesses, opening serious security risks for Indians who trust Android’s security features and raising the cost of mobile devices for Indians.”

Google Issued a Statement to Counter Competition Commission of India’s fine

The Counter Competition Commission of India’s fine came after the tech giant was allegedly found abusing its dominant position in multiple markets in the Android mobile device ecosystem and violating Section 4 of the Competition Act. Google Issued a counter-statement, saying, “Android has created more choice for everyone and supports thousands of successful businesses in India and around the world.”

Although the tech giant hasn’t specified its next course of action, industrial analysts believe that Google will most likely challenge the decision in court. A technology policy consultant, said, “A large part of the order is based on channeling the company’s Search and other apps that it feeds through Android. The moment you restrict Search that is a significant revenue diversion.”

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Crucial Changes Demanded by CCI

  • Google shall not restrict uninstalling of its pre-installed apps by the users.
  • Google shall allow the users, during the initial device setup, to choose their default search engine for all search entry points.
  • Users should have the flexibility to easily set as well as quickly change the default settings in their device in the minimum steps possible.
  • Google shall allow the developers of app stores to distribute their app stores through Play Store.


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