It has been reported that social media giant, Facebook is planning to roll out a new podcast product on June 22. Once the feature is launched, Facebook will also enable its users to access their preferred podcasts on Facebook and further create sound clips from popular programs and share them on Facebook pages. 

Moreover, the episodes of their chosen podcasts will appear under a new Podcasts tab that hasn’t gone live yet but was showcased by Facebook in April. 

As per an email sent to podcast page owners, Podcast hosts can link their show’s RSS feed up to Facebook, which will then directly create News Feed posts for all episodes published going forward. Podnews first reported the date earlier this month, and at the time, Facebook confirmed that a limited number of owners of pages would have access. Though, emails are still being sent to additional page owners, implying that the launch might be wider than initially expected.

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Furthermore, Facebook has also linked its terms and conditions for publishing podcasts on its platform, which all creators agree to before they can publish on the platform. The terms and conditions appear reasonably standard, but it doesn’t explain what all the social media platforms can do with the podcasts published on its platform.

In addition, the social media platform will also present an alternative to podcast creators to choose whether they want to allow clips. These clips, up to a minute in duration, will be produced and shared by listeners to “help improve visibility and engagement”. A similar feature is possible for users on Twitter. Back in April, Facebook had further declared Soundbites, which will allow users to produce short, shareable audio clips in the News Feed on the platform.

Image Source: Apple Insider


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