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The tech world is buzzing about Elon Musk’s venture, formerly known as Twitter, and its intentions to collect and leverage user data for AI model training. The new privacy policy reveals that X plans to utilize this data, in conjunction with publicly available information, to enhance its machine learning algorithms.

AI Model Training with User Data

X’s privacy policy explicitly states its intentions to use the data it collects, along with publicly accessible information, to develop and refine machine learning and artificial intelligence models. This signifies a strategic shift towards harnessing the power of data to enhance AI capabilities.

“We may use the information we collect and publicly available information to help train our machine learning or artificial intelligence models for the purposes outlined in this policy,” the privacy posting clarifies. While Musk affirms that only publicly accessible information will be gathered, the specifics of what data will be collected and its precise applications remain somewhat unclear due to the absence of an official press presence at X.

Multiple Pathways for Data Utilization

The objectives behind X’s data collection efforts are multifaceted. Firstly, Elon Musk’s personal ambitions in the AI realm, as evidenced by his new venture, xAI, which seeks to comprehend the universe’s true nature, could benefit from the wealth of biometric and related data at X’s disposal. Collaboration between X and xAI is hinted at, potentially aligning their missions.

Another avenue for data utilization could be X’s ambition to challenge LinkedIn’s dominance in the professional networking space. Collecting user job and education histories suggests a move toward offering users a unique and appealing alternative, as Musk has described LinkedIn as “cringe.”

Lastly, X could explore data monetization, a common practice in the social media landscape. While no concrete evidence points in this direction, it remains a plausible option for generating revenue, especially for a platform like X, which has had a different financial trajectory compared to traditional social media platforms.

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