Discover Pakistan, the country’s only and first-ever tourism-centric satellite TV channel successfully went live on Saturday; the official announcement was made by the channel’s social media pages in regards to urge the local cable operators to commence broadcasting the channel.

The channel is broadcasting content in high definition (HD) quality to showcase Pakistan’s natural wonders globally, in the best attainable approach. The TV channel intends to do so by broadcasting original documentaries, covering tourism-related shows, new developments, and an entertaining morning show highlighting Pakistan’s soft image.

This TV channel is considered as one of the accomplishments in line with Prime minister Imran Khan’s vision, as the notion of broadcasting tourism on TV had been in the pipeline since at least 2017, with plans to roll out soon. Since then, the channel had been promoting Pakistan’s spectacular beauty, historical locations, and important regions to visit through the means of its social media pages, having generated an impressive following of almost a million on Facebook alone.

The division of tourism is one of the most productive economic divisions in the global economy has no two judgments. Growth in the tourism division induces growth in the economy. Tourism earns foreign exchange which can be utilized to provide goods and assistance and to import capital goods, pointing to the economic extension.

The growth of tourism further directs to the growth of household earnings directly and indirectly by means of multiplier effects, further adding to economic growth. It also generates hiring possibilities, encourages infrastructure development, and sets up positive linkages with different divisions of the economy.

With the country now coming to grips with the law and order predicament that transformed the nation into a no-go zone for nonnatives for several years, there could be no more valid time to support the country’s tremendous tourism potential. 

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Source: TechJuice


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