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In the recent news, a consumer court in Karachi has imposed a financial penalty on a mobile manufacturer for delivering a faulty phone to a customer. As per the details, a man from Karachi had registered a petition against a mobile manufacturer, disputing that he had purchased a phone worth Rs. 15,000 in July last year but the mobile phone turned out to be faulty as it kept restarting itself.

The Mobile Manufacturer Never Returned the Faulty Phone Back 

He notified the company about the faulty phone and it asked him to send the unit for repair. However, the mobile manufacturer never returned the faulty phone and declared that there was a shortage of certain parts that were preventing it from repairing the mobile phone.

The Court Imposed a Penalty of PKR 10,000 on the Mobile Company

Concluding the petition, the Consumer Court of South Karachi inflicted a penalty of Rs. 10,000 on the mobile manufacturer and dictated it either to return the repaired mobile phone or provide a new mobile to the claimant.

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The Consumer Court further warned to inaugurate contempt proceedings against the mobile manufacturer in case the corporation fails to pay the fine and return the repaired mobile or provide a new mobile to the petitioner. The Judge of the Consumer Court said that citizens move to the courts seeking justice, and culprits involved in online violations cannot be given an exemption.

Furthermore, in one such separate incident, the consumer court had directed the mobile dealer to hand over a new phone to the complainant and slapped a fine of PKR 20,000 over his misleading statement while selling the item. The consumer court had also imposed a fine of Rs5,000 for causing mental strain on the buyer and ordered the vendor to bear the costs of the case.

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