Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar’s recent statements on the delay in announcing the final election results have raised serious concerns and ignited controversy. While defending the prolonged process, he blamed news channels for premature and unconfirmed announcements, citing examples from Sweden and Indonesia. However, discrepancies in his timeline and the actual release of results have cast doubt on the accuracy of his statements.

Final Election Results Delayed, but by How Much?

Caretaker PM Kakar asserted that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) took 36 hours to compile the results. Yet, records show that the final results were uploaded on the ECP’s portal 72 hours after the initial announcement. This significant discrepancy questions the transparency of the information provided by the head of the caretaker government.

In defending the current delay, PM Kakar referenced the 2018 elections, noting it took 66 hours to finalize results. However, he conveniently omitted the digital infrastructure collapse that marred the process back then, contributing to the prolonged timeline. The absence of acknowledgment raises concerns about the caretaker PM’s commitment to providing accurate information.

Responsibility of the Caretaker Government

While addressing concerns about improving the electoral process, the caretaker PM disclaimed responsibility, stating it isn’t the caretaker government’s duty; this raises queries about the commitment of the temporary administration to ensuring a smooth and transparent electoral process, leaving the public to ponder the implications of such a stance.

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