The ongoing legal saga surrounding the late Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s case, involving a video leak, takes a major turn as arrest warrants loom over renowned Pakistani YouTuber Yasir Shami. Dr Bushra Iqbal, embroiled in a legal dispute involving Yasir Shami and Aamir’s third wife, Dania Shah, amplifies her call for justice amidst the issuance of non-bailable arrest warrants.

Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s Case: Specifics of the Arrest Warrant

As the Court of Judicial Magistrate Karachi issues non-bailable arrest warrants against Yasir Shami in the Aamir Liaquat cybercrime obscene video leak case, Bushra Iqbal shares photocopies of the warrants on social media, highlighting the ongoing legal turmoil. The warrants highlight Yasir’s status as an accused and absconder in the case, urging the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to execute court orders promptly.

Expressing hopes for Aamir Liaquat to receive justice, Bushra Iqbal awaits Yasir Shami’s arrest, emphasizing the importance of his cooperation in the legal proceedings. Liaqat Gabol, representing Dania Shah, echoes these sentiments, attributing delays in the case to Yasir’s actions. The legal battle, entangled with multiple individuals, including Aamir’s third wife, Dania, highlights the complexity and gravity of the situation, with justice remaining the central pursuit amidst legal turmoil.

Yasir Shami Surrenders, Granted Bail

Yasir Shami surrendered before Karachi City Courts, facing serious allegations related to viral video dissemination. The Federal Investigation Agency summoned him for a statement provision despite bail granted upon a hefty surety bond. The development follows a series of summonses prompted by Yasir’s repeated non-appearance, emphasizing legal representatives’ insistence on his participation to propel the case forward.

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